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Why Choose Puppy Select?

We, as a family, have always been dog owners. We have owned many breeds of dog and have had many champions; even world champion dogs from Europe and elsewhere. Not only conformation competitions but also were highly involved with working dogs. We even had a schutzhund club that would meet at our property several days per week.

We are an American-based company that has traveled across the continents to find quality dogs for our many customers, as well as for myself. We have a qualified dog finding team that works extensively across Europe, North America, and South America to find the perfect puppy for you. Our mission is to bring you a quality puppy that has been hand selected by members of our staff. Our staff is composed of FCI judges across the continents that inspect each puppy, and then licensed veterinarians inspect your puppy again. Our puppies will never come out of puppy mills like so many other internet companies or pet stores. We take the stress out of your puppy search and purchase.

Do you have to qualify to purchase one of our dogs?

The answer is no! It is our desire that everyone who wants a pet should have one. This is one of the reasons that we started this business. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a quality dog, then to be controlled by a breeder and their contract. If you purchase our puppies, you may or may not breed your dog, you may or may not show your dog as you wish. You will receive a full pedigree. We do however, reserve the right to act in the best interest of our puppies, and reserve the right to refuse service to a potential buyer.

Do you have a contract?

Our puppies come to their new owners with a purchasing contract. Please see our Purchase / Health Guarantee Contract for details. All buyers must sign the agreement with our terms and conditions prior to purchase.

Do you offer a Health Guarantee?

Yes. We offer a health guarantee for all puppies. Please see the terms and conditions under our Purchase/Health Guarantee Contract. All buyers must sign the agreement with our terms and conditions prior to purchase.

What does it mean if the puppy has a champion sire or dam?

Sire means that the father of your dog is a champion. Dam means that the mother if your dog is a champion. If it says “champion lines” it means that one or more of their ancestors were or are champions. Basically, you are getting a puppy that is a representation of the breed with good, solid bloodlines.

Is it possible to obtain a show puppy?

We have a FCI Judge look at each and every puppy. This judge examines the puppy, employing his knowledge to recognize any obvious show disqualifying faults. In this manner we can determine if the puppy even qualifies to be on puppy selects web site. There are no guarantees on conformation of any puppy since there is no way to confirm the final conformation at such a young age. All puppies will be growing and changing in many ways. If the puppy purchased is to be a “show dog prospect” we can offer proven show dogs on request. Buying a dog that is already a show dog takes all the guess work out of the process. It is also an excellent way to introduce a fresh champion bloodline into an existing breeding program. Please contact us with your preferences for your puppy or dog.

Do your puppies come with vaccinations?

Yes. Our puppies receive the necessary vaccinations for their age, and any additional vaccinations that are required to meet your country’s import regulations.

Are your puppies healthy?

Yes! Nothing is more important to us at Puppy Select. It is our main goal to ensure that your puppy is healthy. All breeding kennels are inspected by at least one of our staff to ensure that all puppies come from happy, healthy and caring homes. Once your new puppy is selected, they are inspected by a veterinarian prior to shipping. All puppies arrive with a health certificate.

What is included in the purchase price of my puppy?

The price of the dog includes the airline approved crate, veterinary costs before arrival, veterinary certificate, vaccinations and deworming. The cost of delivery is not included, as are additional expenses that may vary by location.

How much is the shipping for the puppy, and how does the shipping work?

Once you have selected your puppy, the shipping fee depends on several factors: destination, airport, airline, the size of the dog and crate, and weather conditions. Prices can vary greatly depending on the country to which the puppy is being shipped. Many countries have very strict guidelines. If you have questions in regard to your country’s import regulations please contact us at puppyselect@gmail.com. Since countries have different guidelines that control the transportation of puppies by age, may require a quarantine, or other determining factors. light travel times will vary. We ship all puppies with pet friendly airlines that cater to the needs of each animal. They are given food and water and are shipped under safe conditions.

When do I pay for the puppy?

You must first select your puppy. Once you have chosen your new pet, you will apply a deposit in the amount of $800.00 to hold that puppy. This deposit is non-refundable. The final payment is due when the puppy has reached the age of 12 weeks, regardless of any country’s travel regulations. The final price of shipping must be paid 2 weeks prior to the puppy’s departure. If a puppy is being shipped to a state or country that requires an older age restriction for travel, it is recommended that this puppy enter an extended stay program to ensure a well socialized pet.

When will my puppy be sent to me?

This is dependent on your location as different countries have different minimum age requirements for dogs to be imported. However, we never deliver earlier than 10 weeks of age for the health and happiness of the puppy. The age of entry depends on the minimum vaccination requirements, especially for Rabies which cannot be given until at least 12 weeks of age. Most countries require a month’s wait after the Rabies vaccination, so 4 months of age is the earliest import permitted. There are a small number of countries where we can deliver at 3 months and others that require one year.

What kind of payments do you offer?

Puppy Select offers PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Bank Wire.

How soon can I get my puppy?

We ship our puppies as soon as they are permitted to travel, but not before the age of 10 weeks. Import regulations vary from destination to destination, so please see the Destination Page for further details.

Will my puppy be quarantined upon arrival?

Some states and countries have strict regulations most do not quarantine. If you are not sure contact us with your location and we let you know.

Will my puppy come with a pet passport and pedigree?

Within Europe, a pet passport is required. If it is not required, your puppy will arrive with a vaccination booklet. If you need a pet passport, please let us know at the time of selection so that we can provide it for you. It may require an additional cost. All puppies will come with a Pedigree, but it may be sent separately.

Can I register my puppy with a kennel club?

Yes, our dogs are registered with an FCI affiliated kennel club from their country of origin. You can transfer the registration to any FCI affiliate kennel. It will require an Export Pedigree if you intend to transfer your dog’s registration to your country’s kennel club. Pedigrees need to be requested and cost an additional $75.00.

Why an Export Pedigree?

An Export Pedigree allows you to register your new dog in your country with full breeding and showing rights. Without this, you cannot register any litters or show your dog in any FCI sanction shows.

What should I feed my new puppy?

It is recommended that you feed them a healthy puppy food for at least the first year. Please refer to your local veterinarian for a good meal plan for your breed of dog and dogs age.

Will my puppy come house-broken and trained?

The answer is no. Puppies are generally not trained before arrival to you. For specific breeds, some training options may be available. Please contact us for further details.

Can I get a highly trained dog?

We offer dogs that are trained and certificated in many specialties.

*Search and Rescue (all terrains)
*Guide dogs for the Blind
*Therapeutic Dogs (assistance for people with disabilities)
*Certified Dog Helpers (assistance for people in wheel chairs)
*Hunting dogs
*Protection Trained (Schutzhund or IPO trained)

Contact us in regards to information in regards to any of these specialized dogs.

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