Here at Puppy Select we pride ourselves on finding the Best Quality and Healthiest Puppies. We see this puppy as a member of our Family and Care for it as though it is going to our house. We understand you want your puppy immediately, but we have to comply with your Country’s or State’s regulations. We all understand that these rules are in place for the safety and well-being of your new puppy.

How soon can I get my puppy?

Each country has different rules and regulations as to the age of a puppy when it enters a specific country. Puppy Select believes that puppies need to stay with their litter mates and under the knowledgeable eye of the breeder until they are at least 10 weeks old. Even though they are weened, they are still very young and do not have an immune system that is strong enough to fight off or completely avoid many diseases, such as the Parvo or Corona Virus. Most countries have a vaccination requirement, especially for Rabies, which should not be given until at least 12 weeks of age. Many countries require a one-month post rabies vaccine wait time, so 4 months of age is the earliest that a puppy can be imported. At 4 months, most countries allow puppies to travel. This allows the puppy a chance to start building their own antibodies to protect against or at least fight off diseases.

What happens if my country does not allow shipping of my dog at 4 months?

We offer an Extended Stay Program. The Extended Stay Program will be used when a new puppy owner has selected their puppy, but their country of origin does not allow the puppy to enter their country until it is a certain age. In some cases, this could take one year or longer. In these rare situations, we offer The Extended Stay Program, which allows puppies to stay with the breeder until it reaches the appropriate age for shipping. Most dogs are shipped at 4 months. When puppies travel at this age, they have already experienced the socialization of litter mates. They also have had time to complete their series of vaccinations. If you live in a country that does not allow transport until the puppy reaches an older age of up to 1 year, you would also receive the same benefit of housing your dog with the quality breeder until 4 months of age, but then the puppy would be entered into the Extended Stay Program and would be placed with a loving Puppy Select representative, to start forming his or her personality and or character for a small fee. We also offer a training program for your puppy. If you would like to purchase the training option, the puppy would enter a training facility to start their training program. The Extended Stay Program gives you the chance to have your puppy housed with a Puppy Select representative or enter into a training program. These options are both available and can be personalized for a nominal fee. Each new puppy owner has different needs, so each case is individualized. Please contact Puppy Select representative for your personalized special programs and pricing.

Puppy Select Delivery

What is the cost to ship my puppy?

Shipping costs are dependent upon a number of conditions. Each puppy must be shipped in a size appropriate crate. The crate costs are determined by the size and the age of the puppy when it is shipped. The most significant cost will be the airfreight. Airlines prices vary, and can be quite exorbitant. We will do our best to search for a carrier that is the most economical, without compromising the health and well-being of your new pet. You also have the option to upgrade to any airline of your choice.

Do I need an import permit?

The majority of countries do not require an import permit. The main countries that do require the import permit are: Australia, Bahrain, China, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. There may be others, and we at Puppy Select will help you in securing these permits. Import permits are required to ensure the breed of dog is allowed, and that the dog has all the documents needed. We offer assistance in most of these countries through our local staff, and will make this easy for you.

What happens if my puppy has to be quarantined?

Few states and countries require this. China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia are countries that do. The purpose of the quarantine is to ensure that the in-coming puppy is disease free. Puppy Select is aware of the minimum age regulations for most countries, so the quarantines can be avoided in most cases. We will arrange for your puppy to enter our Extended Stay Program until they are allowed to be imported.

Do you have staff in my country to help that can assist with the import?

Some countries have more difficult regulations. Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Jordan and Australia are countries where arrangements are more difficult. We have local staff that is there to help you to complete the entire import procedure. In most cases, they can deliver your puppy directly to your home, or arrange for you to pick it up. We have several staff members and we urge you to work with our connections to ensure a smooth transfer.

Can you deliver my puppy by car or with a companion?

We can offer delivery by car within the EU and within a 1000km distance of Serbia. We will accept such requests if it is better, faster and a more economical choice than by airline. We also offer a nanny service, where our concierge, David will hand deliver your puppy and an additional fee. Please email us for particulars.

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